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RSF Opel3

The project was a nice one.  We started by removing the mantel and tile work.  Once we got started with demo and had the fireplace and chimney out, the homeowner decided to remove the raised hearth.  So the hearth was removed and the fireplace was lowered.  When the fireplace was removed we noticed some areas that needed additional insulation.  Once the new fireplace and chimney was installed we closed up the structure, mounted the mantel and prepared for the application of the stone.

The final results are dramatic.  When you walk in the front door of this home the first thing you see is the fireplace.  The RSF Opel3 is a very efficient wood burning fireplace.  For more info about RSF fireplaces follow the link below.





Sportsman’s Cabin Special

This was a great project located in Novi.  We removed the existing fireplace,chimney,  marble, and mantel surround.  We built a new raised hearth.  This project was on a interior wall so no new insulation was needed.  The fireplace for the project is a Mendota Fullview 41 with logs and brick background.  The Fullview 41 shown here is finished with a Bentley Door in Vintage Iron.

The stone was the perfect style for this homeowners taste.  The stone is manufactured by Boral.  The style is a 80/20 Blend of Southern Ledgestone and Dressed Fieldstone.  The color is Bucks County.  The Hearthstones measure 19 x 20 and are Marsh in color.  The fireplace came out into the room.  The return walls are wrapped in stone with stone corners going all the way up the wall.  Looks great and what a statement.  This is going to increase the value of your home.







Law Man Opel3

This homeowner was fun and flexible with his design. He held nothing back about the state of his fireplace before we had a chance to fix hime up. We removed a old wood burning fireplace and replaced with a RSF Opel3 wood burning fireplace. This project included a complete makeover. We also used a Central Heat Blower to move heat from the fireplace to the basement. Dedicated ductwork was run to move heat to the basement that was always chilly to begin with. The new hearth and stone with the rustic mantel all came together very nice. This project was in Davison, MI and will be efficiently heating this home for years to come.



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Slate Tile Opel3

This customer wanted a way to burn wood and heat their home.  They found in pursuit to meet their goals.  After a long design process, everyone ended up happy with the results.  The new fireplace was deeper than the wall allowed.  We were able to built the mantel out to wrap around the stone enough to make it all come together just right.  This fireplace is equipped with a internal blower to help circulate the air in the home.  The custom made mantel surround was made by Mount Vernon Mantels.   This homeowner supplied stone really looks good.  It took some time to do the stone.  It come all attached on mesh but it didn’t work well that way.  We ended up separating all the pieces of stone from the mesh and pieced them carefully together.  In the end it was worth it for a happy customer.


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Brass Be Gone

This old gas fireplace has been put out of its misery.  It is easy to see why these good folks had there fireplace redone.  We removed this old gas fireplace and replaced it with a Heat N Glo 6000CLX.  It also has a Folio front option attached.  After removing the old fireplace we had to take some time to re-insulate the chase.  It was a worthy thing to do.  The chimney vented straight up and a new chase top was constructed to eliminate any worries of water running down to fireplace. This fireplace in combination with the white mantel surround and tiny slate tiles was just what the doctor ordered for these folks.  You can know be proud to show off your living area.   This job was in Howell near the intersection of Grand River and Latson and was completed by us from start to finish.


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Vermont Castings Montpelier

When you are a kid growing up you sit around the fire and and tell stories.  You grow up and buy a home with a masonry fireplace.  You put a fire in there but you notice the masonry fireplace is using a lot of wood for little return in heat.  That’s not what you want.  So this client decided to install the powerful Vermont Castings Montpelier.  The high efficient EPA compliant wood burning insert is only approved to be inserted inside a masonry structure.  To install this insert a RLH stainless steel liner kit was used in conjunction with a insulation kit.  This new insert breathed new life into this old masonry fireplace and turned it into a powerful efficient heater.  I bet you look twice at that masonry fireplace you haven’t used in years.


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